To improve the health status of each patient efficiently, effectively and with the highest quality care.


To transform healthcare from a “Managing Sickness” model to a “Preserving Wellness” model.

Value based care is really a new way of paying healthcare providers, turning the old thinking upside down. Instead of centuries old piece-work concept of paying for each task, cotton ball and band-aid, regardless of the outcome, value based care rewards accountable care organizations like Osler Health for providing high quality care efficiently and effectively.

That means that, to be successful and sustainable, Osler Health must make and keep you healthier by effectively preventing and managing chronic disease to slow, stall or reverse its progression more proficiently and effectively using an array of sophisticated tools including algorithms that can indicate that you are at higher risk and should be evaluated.

This requires training and transforming primary care practices to use sophisticated analytics in concert with a specially selected, clinically collaborative network of elite physicians, all empowered by support powerful technologies and training.

Combined, these elements deliver the highest quality care with the best possible results efficiently, effectively and at optimal cost.

Meet the Osler Leadership Team