JAMES DOULGERIS, CEO, Board of Managers

JAMES DOULGERISMr. Doulgeris has over a quarter century of executive healthcare management experience, primarily as president, CEO and director of for-profit, non-profit, public and private companies in the hospital, ancillary provider, medical device and health care services sectors.

He has also led two start-ups from concept to funding to profitability, the first, National Comtel Systems, a hospital contract manager that grew to the be the fifteenth largest hospital contact manager of any kind, was sold to Primark Corporation, a Fortune 500 NYSE public company. The second, MinSurg International, a medical device company that invented and holds patents for one of the first “intermediate” minimally invasive spine fusion surgeries among other groundbreaking spine and small joint resurfacing devices is still in operation. Doulgeris retired as its co-founder, president and CEO in 2008.

After fulfilling a personal promise to write a novel, “The Dyodyne Experiment,” released internationally in June, 2009 and winner of best new fiction in 2009, and becoming a bestselling author, he returned to healthcare as senior strategist for HCP, a national consulting and strategy firm, while also serving on boards of directors and providing analysis and board level consulting engagements.

He also has written several hundred nationally published op-ed columns on healthcare including over 150 for UBM’s “Physician’s Practice.”

Serving on the U.S. House National Physician’s Health Care Policy Group is a recognition of Mr. Doulgeris’ skills and expertise in the health care industry, direct knowledge and as one those who will be shaping the industry in the coming years.

Doulgeris also worked in high-level crisis and turnaround management capacities in the president and CEO role for 14 years in a variety of industries with an emphasis on hospitals and related healthcare providers.

He is also the the founder and a director of the non-profit Tampa Bay Opera, Inc.