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Wednesday, 09 August 2017 15:39

Introducing Alison Chavez

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Introducing Alison Chavez, Performance Manager for Osler Health,

Office Workflow Enhancement and Population Health

August 9, 2017

Please welcome Alison Chavez the first of additional field support specialists dedicate to Osler practices.

Alison, will be visiting practices and working closely with care coordinators and population health staff members to help them identify and implement process and workflow improvement opportunities. Additional resources are also being planned as her work is vital to our overall success in population health.

Her job is to bring her expertise to you and to support you. She is to ensure that you are equipped, enabled, empowered, trained and supported to succeed to the best of our ability. Many of you may already know Alison, who comes from one of our own, Heights Medical. She has shared her expertise in using clinical analytics to optimize care coordination, population health and transitional care management in our peer to peer meetings.

Osler Health is making this investment to maximize shared savings under the new, empirical shared savings determination methodology Osler has negotiated with Horizon BCBS to start on January 1, 2017. The new methodology replaces the old, flawed system of using comparison groups.

Osler is negotiating a similar change with all other payers. Not only is this new methodology measurable throughout the year, all the risk and uncertainty has been removed and the savings shares have been increased from 52%/48% splits at Tier 3 quality to 75%/25% at Tier 3.

Why now? The 2017 net shared savings payout per participating primary care physician, after all costs and including PMPM payments, is already on track to exceed $100,000 from Horizon alone. Yes, each. A net total of over $13 million.

Secondly, for this new program to be sustainable, we must effectively eliminate waste, efficiently provide high quality, and, most importantly, identify and manage chronic disease, which represents 76% of our non-Medicare costs and over 95% of our Medicare cost.

Additional new positions are also being considered to support all Osler practices. With these positions, we will maximize the value delivered to our practices, as well as ensure we are focused on value based care generating the maximum savings to our organization. This means that you will be seeing an Osler support person about once per week, and more often as necessary. It also means that, in addition to enhanced support and training, you will have additional resources including state of the industry blended clinical and claims analytics as Osler deploys the Optum analytic system. More on this later.

Alison will be visiting each office in the coming weeks in your support. You, however, don’t have to wait, especially if you have immediate needs, questions or would like to schedule your face to face meeting. Alison’s direct line is 201-426-6526 x 710 and email, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Please join me in welcoming your newest team member.

Ron Manke
Chief Operating Officer
201-426-6526 x 712