Osler @ Home: Treating You In the Comfort Of Your Home

“We treat you in the comfort of your own home”

Osler@Home is a physician-owned and operated company specializing in transitional care and personal house calls in New Jersey. We believe that there is “no place like home” for care management of its most vulnerable, high-risk patients bringing care to the patient and the patient’s primary caregiver in the privacy of the patient’s home or domicile. Osler @Home manages their care plan and coordinates their care with others of their care team. Osler @Home provides the highest quality healthcare and service, in the comforts of their own home at their convenience.

Osler @Home focuses on managing the transitions of care when patients move from hospital to their home, nursing home, or rehab facility. These are the times when patients are often most vulnerable. By coordinating with their primary care team we seek to prevent hospital readmissions and emergency room visits during this transition Osler @Home will also provide care at home for patients with urgent care needs, or those difficulties in mobility. Osler @Home staff is trained to assess and coordinate the patient’s care needs, ensuring all needs are met, and positive outcomes are reached.

Osler @Home bridges the gap in the continuum of care, ensuring that the patient has a care plan and resources necessary to continue healing and recovering in the most comfortable and convenient way possible.

If you would like to receive more information about Osler @ Home Services or want to schedule an appointment, please call 201-426-6554 or email mcruz@oslerathome.com with your name and contact information.