Elevating Healthcare

It’s hard to identify the best doctor for you or your family. Will they accept you as a patient? Can you get an appointment before the reason you are calling becomes critical? Are they good doctors?

Not with Osler Health. An Osler certification is an assurance of meeting and adhering to a higher standard of competency, quality, service and value. And, we are never accepting new patients – we are welcoming you.

Unlike hospital owned and employed healthcare providers, the hospitals work for us.

Osler is an Omnia Alliance Tier 1 Provider

The Osler Difference

Osler Certified Primary Care Physicians, Specialists and Healthcare Providers – Proven Quality, Capability and Service.

Osler Select is taking the guesswork out of picking a healthcare provider. Osler Health certified primary care physicians, specialists and other healthcare providers must meet and sustain exacting standards for quality, capability and service. Among those standards, appointments are provided within hours, not days or months. Physicians and other caregivers are equipped, empowered and enabled with the latest in technology and analytics supported by continued training and education.