Osler @ Home – Elevated Care for Our Most Vulnerable Patients

Caring for our most vulnerable patients is one of Osler Health’s most important missions. Patients being discharged from hospital stays are especially vulnerable.We at Osler believe that some photocopies of generic instructions are wholly insufficient to provide proper care.

Osler@Home allows your own doctor take control of the discharge process using comprehensive discharge planning to ensure that each patients’ needs are considered and included with detailed input from our patients and their family, all directed by their family doctor.

An Osler@Home clinician will meet each eligible patient in the hospital before discharge to evaluate them, set follow-up appointments for home or office visits, review and arrange for all medications and ensure that nutritional needs, family support, transportation, health literacy and social factors are all addressed with a plan and actions.

To learn more or schedule a visit, please contact Paula Kinsey, administrator for Osler at Home at: pkinsey@oslerathome.com. Or call her at 201-426-6554.