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You and Osler Health – Independent, yet Interdependent

Most of us remember the corner hardware store. Then Home Depot and Lowes came to town, and, Ed’s Hardware was no more.

Ed simply could not compete with the big-box stores’ purchasing power, even though he could get you whatever you needed and show you how to use it like a pro – with a smile and a bit of chit chat at no added charge. He knew you and your family, often a generation or two back.

But, Ed’s gone, right?

Well, not really.

Ed built a confederacy of independent hardware stores called Ace Hardware. They made a common brand, took advantage of mass market purchasing power, and, delivered what the big box stores could not. Corner store access, quality and service at big-box prices.

Sound like Osler Health? Recognizable, competitive, and, standing for something the big box health systems can’t deliver. Quality. Caring, and, the physician equivalent of Ed.

Osler Health is the Ace Hardware of healthcare.

When you’re surrounded by superior forces in every way – hospital systems, mega-practices, retail clinics – all having more money, numbers and influence – Osler is asymmetric in our approach. Osler can never compete for the number of practices hospital systems and others accumulate – nor should we want to. But, we can compete for their patients.

The hospital systems brand their practices like cattle. The Osler Health brand certifies quality, capability and superior service.

Otherwise, the ability to compete effectively.

Big Box Pricing, Benefits and Capability – Independent of Hospitals

“When something becomes really sophisticated, it means it’s easy to use.”

To provide the best information to you as possible, Osler has partnered with Optum analytics including blended clinical and claims population health and predictive analysis. This is the same platform the health plans use. Osler is one of the first ACOs’ to adopt the Optum platform because it is one of the first ACOs to be advanced enough to use it effectively. Optum analytics are being made available to Osler at a price competitive to much less advanced programs because of our ability to employ its capabilities properly.

We are also partnering with Optum 360 practice management services to conduct a study in three practices – large, medium and small – to demonstrate empirically whether these services result in increased practice profitability, efficiency and effectiveness. If they do, they will be there to take advantage of. Optum has agreed to perform this study at no expense to Osler.

Also, according to UnitedHealth Group’s Optum, Osler Health’s business model for Accountable Care, from technology to technique, is uniquely advanced in relation to its peers, in many cases as many as five years ahead.