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Osler Connect: Improving Annual Wellness Visits

Osler Connect is a new program provided by Osler Health that is designed to ensure the patient has an individualized health plan to organize and coordinate their care. This plan begins with an Annual Wellness Visit for Medicare patients which is recommended by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and has no out-of-pocket cost.

Not to be confused with the Annual Physical, which is not covered by Medicare, this initial step in the program is the core of the patient-centered plan. During this Annual Wellness Visit, the patient’s provider team will take the time to form a specialized personal health plan ensuring that they achieve the highest possible status of their well-being.

For healthcare providers, Osler Connect streamlines the Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) in a way that will significantly reduce office time and workload, increase revenue and efficiency, while optimizing gain sharing opportunities. Learn more about this program by contacting us at 201-426-6526.


Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

Remote Patient Monitoring or “RPM” represents a recent advance in healthcare technology that allows doctors and patients to establish a stronger relationship and focus on a patient’s daily health condition. We can now check daily vital signs at any time and transfer those readings instantly to your providers so they can ensure vital signs are within appropriate ranges. The value of taking daily readings is that any changes or trends can easily be identified for your doctor to review and take action if necessary. To learn about this program contact 201-425-9145 – Option #2.